Home builders have been put in a tough spot in most local markets, they are faced with the decision of using real estate brokers to maintain good relationships with the agent community.  When they do this it’s tough for a builder to maintain a consistent image and branding when multiple groups are used in the same market.  By using brokerages builders are reliant on the individual brokers, to help build and maintain their brand.  We’ve been able to develop a marketing system that helps our builder clients maintain a consistent brand and image with specific marketing placements on our self developed local content websites.  The most important thing a builder can do is market to those clients that are looking for local real estate information, those are the buyer’s that are most likely to purchase and being able to deliver a message of value to these specific future buyers is the most logical place to deliver their message.  When implemented along with a direct response website that is specifically designed for lead capture and branding, it begins the process that allows our builder clients to develop relationships with home buyers much earlier in the process than is typically possible.

We have 2 different levels of service for our builder clients:

Individual Property Listing marketing push:      $995 per month

This program includes a custom website for one home and a marketing program that includes 8 different marketing channels that will focus on your target demographic buyer and create traffic of over 500 unique viewers to your custom website.  This is the perfect program for either the first home in a new neighborhood or a home that you’ve had trouble moving.  Rather than offer a broker bonus that rarely works or an increased “use as you choose” option for the buyer, getting additional exposure for you home might be the difference that gets your home moved.


Neighborhood Marketing Platform:  $4,995- $9,995 per month

This program includes a custom built neighborhood website that focuses solely on conversion.  Along with the custom website we’ll create a series of Direct Response advertising to drive traffic to the neighborhood website from 8 different marketing platforms.  On a monthly basis we’ll produce 2,500 unique visitors to the website in your target demographic, this will typically result in 50-100 buyer leads who have seen your homes, know the location and the price range and have raised their hand and said that they want to know more about the homes.  This program also includes a custom developed 5 step automatic follow up campaign.  While industry metrics have less than 50% of builder’s agents even following up once with a new buyer lead, our program includes 5 automatic follow up emails in the first 10 days in order to give you the best shot at converting into a site visit and eventually a sale.

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